Saturday, February 24, 2018

Thailand Snaps

Bamboo - very tall bamboo !

These are 'love locks' placed on the fence by lovers 


Chicken Fried Rice 

A beautiful garden where we had daurian redstart. Love how they put the dishes out in the sun to dry. 

It was definately chilly up here.......but we had some stunning birds ! 

These two views are taken from the Thailand border overlooking Myanmar. Such stunning scenery.  

It was winter in Thailand but there was still a few flowing orchids. Would love to visit when they are in full flower. Makes our supermarket ones look like a bit dropped off ! 

Rice paddy fields 

Masses of fields of pineapples with death defying leaves that would cut you to shreds. We had lots of fresh pineapple, it was mouthwatering lovely.  

After seeing tank upon tank of these, I just couldn't eat one (and I love them!)

Oh really......

The flower on a banana plant

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