Monday, August 10, 2020

Collared Flycatcher, Spurn

 A last minute decision to head to Spurn this morning. We didn't think for one minute that the collared flycatcher that had been caught, ringed and shown twice would still be around. But we struck lucky and with a lot of patience and waiting, out it came and showed itself wonderfully. The majority of the crowd had zoomed off to see the white-winged black tern that was showing at Beacon Ponds and for some time, there was just the two of us and this collared flycatcher, perfect ! We missed the one last year at Easington as we were in Eaglenest, India (and that trip feels like it was in another lifetime!), so Karen finally got that tick on her UK list taking it to 421. 

Spotted Flycatchers



Our local spotted flycatchers are getting ready to leave after a successful breeding year.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Yellow Wagtails

 A walk around one of our local sites gave us masses of yellow wagtails and meadow pipits. A lovely walk with lots of folk to chat to, and the weather was glorious !

Bearded Vulture, Crowden, Derbyshire

 We seemed to pick the totally wrong day, weather wise, for our second visit to see the Lammergeier. The day was overcast with the occasional shower but worst still, bitterly cold. It called for my usual 2 fleeces, hat, scarf and gloves !  Lots of birders there that looked at my layers with envy as they shivered in their sandals and light sweaters !!

The lammergeier had a new roosting spot which could be viewed from the road but with limited parking and road works / traffic lights, stopping on this road looked near impossible. The locals were a hive of knowledge on parking and viewing when we did eventually get parked. We spent the day in a small car park (about 10 cars) just off the Glossop Road. The car park was literally non stop with walkers, and cyclists completing the circular reservoir hikes. We were lucky to get parked and stayed here all day. The vulture had already left it's roost and flown down the valley, disappearing into the next valley. But reports kept filtering through that it was either on a sheeps carcass or sat on the rocks in the next valley. It did eventually lift up and gave us reasonable views, it being mobbed by the local ravens. But they were a good crowd in the car park with us, laughter soon flowed and we put this incompetent government to rights and everyone was in agreement ! 

Hope that the photographers don't get too close. We know that the RSPB are now keeping a close eye on the bird.....and on you !!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Honey Buzzard, Welbeck Viewpoint, Notts

An excellent morning over to Notts to the viewpoint at Welbeck. We saw a Honey Buzzard almost immediately that gave us good views. The supporting cast included a juv buzzard that sat close by, a raven and a distant red kite that drifted through. 

A few from this week


Juv. Marsh Harriers