Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A local raven

We heard this raven cronking the other day at this North Lincolnshire  site, then couldn't locate it so thought we had imagined it. It was a  bonus this morning when it flew along the ridge being mobbed by the local jackdaws. An excellent morning.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A local Pied Flycatcher

It is always good to find your own birds and this cracking pied flycatcher made our day. 

Union of South Africa 60009

Always nice to see a steam train so we had a quick dash to Retford to see the Union of South Africa. A good sweeping brnd gave us good views but afraid not a lot of steam......

This weeks bits and bobs

This week we saw the arrival of pink-footed geese.  
A sign of autumn with winter looming in the distance !

Red-crested Pochards

Always good to see a peregrime, and two is even better. This pair swooped and dived over the hill. Fantastic ! 

Hornets aplenty ......careful not to stand in their flight path !

Monday, September 10, 2018

Tour of Britain 2018, Team Sky Bus, Mansfield

We arrived quite late to the finish in Mansfield. We had spent alot of time watching it around Notts and as we got into Mansfield, most of the main roads were obviously closed. Just abandoned the car in a nearby residential area and dashed to the finishing stage. Rain was just starting and the crowds were massive so we watched Ian Stannard win and then headed straight for the team buses (well, the Sky bus to be exact!). Wise move as the crowds were already building up there. We were about second row back from the barriers. After 10 minutes I looked round and it was 20 deep ! Just a glimpse of the riders would have been enough, but what a treat we had.  After they had showered and changed, out they all came and stayed for pics and autographs for a good half hour. More than I could have dreamed of, a perfect day. Hope you like our pics. 

Bike problems being explained 

That's another one done ! 

Bikes just propped against the bus then in for a shower and food 

A happy Chris 

Giving away drinks bottles, but afraid none came our way 

Even the big boss man was out with the crowds 

A perfect day. One that I will remember forever x