Saturday, February 24, 2018

Asian Elephants, Khao Yai, Thailand

Our day in Khao Yai ended with our guide getting news of a bull elephant in a waterhole not too far away so we sped there and joined the masses. He was beautiful and we watched him for some time. He seemed to be quite full of himself, uprooting trees and piling them up then picking them up again and throwing them around. Elephants are Karen's all time favourite so she was well happy. We saw him the following afternoon.......

Another bull elephant was in his territory and then all hell broke loose!  We saw our elephant from the previous night, running down the hill towards the other male, they ran into a small wooded area, just out of sight and further up the road and all we could here was crashing about and the horrendous noise of elephants fighting, they were having a right scrap. By this time the crowds of people and vehicles had built up and the rangers had closed the road, not knowing what the outcome of this scrap was going to be. One of the bulls ran from the wood and appeared to charge down the road, that was when we knew it really wasn't safe to be standing taking pics, but to get in your vehicle and back-off. This fight went on for some time, eventually it all seemed to quieten down and we then saw a ranger on his motorbike with a full tusk over his shoulder. One had lost a tusk in the fight, broken clean off.
Couldn't stop thinking about the tusk loser and hope that he's ok. 

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