Saturday, February 24, 2018

Spoonbill Sandpiper, Laem Pak Bia, Thailand

I never thought seeing a bird could be so stressful ! We arrived at the saltpans late afternoon and began searching. We hadn't taken a telescope with us due to weight restrictions but our guide had one and she was scanning like a good 'un trying to find a spoony. Simon thought he had one almost straight away but it flew and we couldn't relocate it. We walked and looked, walked and looked but no spoonbill sandpiper. There were 1000's of waders, all mobile. We had the setting sun to battle with, people working and dogs running round, and still no spoonbill sandpiper. We looked until dusk, no luck. We needed to return first light the following morning and our guide had asked Mr. Dang to come along aswell, more eyes !

The sun set and we would return the next day 

The site was vast and nothing was close 

Very distant but a 100% Spoonbill Sandpiper

It has it's back to us here, infact it spent alot of time asleep. We saw it clearly for a couple of minutes and then they all flew and were not relocated.  We had lots more birds to see that morning before we went out on Mr Dang's boat so we couldn't stay (although we could have stayed here all day), and we had to work with the tide, so once we had all seen the spoonbill sandpiper, we had to beat a retreat.  


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