Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Zapata Sparrows, Cayo Coco

We only saw these in one small area, not too far from our hotel, on one of the back roads. Another endemic 'must see' bird, a very smart looking sparrow. 

What did suprise us is this. We shared one of our mornings out with a 'photographer', no binoculars just a massive lens. He was dropped off with Paulino's son, Ray, on the sparrow road, while we went with the guide in his car to Cayo Paredon Grande. The road held quite alot of species as we had birded this area a few days ago. We were gone for a good 3 hours. When we got back to them, he had hung a speaker in the tree the sparrows favoured and their call was being played and played, with the sparrows flying in and out the tree constantly. We then went to a swamp a mile down the road for least grebe and louisiana waterthrush. The call was still being played an hour later. Quite disgraceful really especially as on the way back to Cayo Coco the photographer was asking what all the birds were that he had photographed !  Enough said ! 

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