Saturday, January 28, 2017

Slavonian Grebe, Cleethorpes Country Park

The weather was slightly warmer this afternoon so we decided to head to Cleethorpes Country Park to try and catch up with the slavonian grebe that has been there for a few days now. When I say warmer..... it had risen to the sweltering temperature of 6 degrees! The bird was immediately visible but was in the centre of the lake where it stayed for the majority of the afternoon. A great crested grebe swam quite close and it didn't seem to like that so it headed in towards the side, only to be flushed back out by the never ending stream of loose dogs. The light was dire, greyer than grey. But after a couple of hours we were chilled to the bone so beat a retreat. It was good to get out though after a week of baltic temperatures that had kept us indoors close to our log fire!

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