Saturday, April 29, 2017

A few more Bulgaria birds

Isabelline Wheatears 

Little Owls - we saw lots and they were always on the chimneys or roofs, good look out points. 

 Long-legged Buzzards

Marsh Tit 

Montagues Harrier 

Nightingale. I can't begin to tell you how numerous these were, we heard 1000's. They were everywhere, in the countryside, villages, towns, there wasn't a moment when we couldn't hear a nightingale sing, all day and night. I would love to have captured some of that nightingale surround sound and brought it home for a rainy winter day !  
Even though there were multitudes of them. they were still as skulky and almost impossible to see. 

Pallid Swift 

Now how does a tree ever get a root hold in the side of a mountain like this one. An excellent hunting spot for the peregrine, giving him a birds eye view of the gorge. Here he is surveying his domain.  

Ravens, numerous and very vocal 

Red-rumped Swallows 

Cirl Bunting

Rock Bunting

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