Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Western Purple Swamphen, Alkborough Flats

We decided to head back to Alkborough Flats this afternoon as it was Monday and the crowds would have gone. It was positively pleasant with just us two standing outside watching swampy, but the afternoon crowds soon arrived and we were again back standing in the crowd. Listening to the hide occupants moaning that they couldn't see the waders on the mud because the reeds obscured their views, we kept quiet taking it all in. Then, as if two wildfowlers walking past last Friday complete with guns but minus a dog, wasn't bad enough. The local tenant sheep farmer decided today was the day that all the sheep would be rounded up and removed from the site. Well he couldn't have made more noise, driving vehicles and whooping and hollering to move his sheep......you really wouldn't think there was a rare bird on the site.

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