Friday, June 22, 2018

Pyramidal Orchids

Our local pyramidal orchids are showing well this year with huge swathes of them on the verges. A few bee,  common spotted and masses of common broomrape amongst them.  Spectacular to see.

Just fabulous xx 

The only downside is this verge, managed by North Lincolnshire Council. This bank was once a riot of colour but now sadly growing rank. When I worked there, we had plans to remove all these hawthorn and brambles. Three years later and it is now nearly all covered in overgrown scrub and hardly any sign of an orchid. It wouldn't take much effort to clear....loppers and a small handsaw would do and the job could be done in a day ?  Not exactly hard work and it would soon be restored to the spectacular orchid display of years ago.  All the other verges in this area are literally covered in pyramidal at the moment, but you do have to watch the traffic !

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