Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Wryneck, Spurn

Aphid heaven ! 

WOW !! 

Decided to wait until Spurn's Migration Festival was over and the crowds had diminished,  before heading for this very showy wryneck that was on the cliffs at Sandy Beaches. It couldn't have been more obliging, out in the open licking the aphids off the southistles, just look at the length of that tongue! Not a single aphid was left uneaten. We all had killer views until a birder (not photographer), decided to venture down onto the beach for a closer look, ruining it for everyone.....just how close did he need to get?! and it was obviously not comfortable with that and off it flew into the bushes behind the playground. But we had the best views of a wryneck that we have ever had, not bad for a Monday morning !

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