Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ospreys, Rutland Water

The male arrives with a fishy snack 

Mum brings in clean bedding and another stick  

Strengthening those wings ready for the first flight ! 

Sibling looking on as if to say 'what the heck are you doing now'! 

Flapping and jumping - soon be fully airborne 

The eldest chick giving a lesson in flapping !

Look Mum - look at my big wings !

Our annual trip to Rutland Water to see the ospreys and their chicks while they are still in the nest (just!). We timed it right as the eldest chick (by 4 days), was doing plenty of flapping and jumping while the younger one looked on with a look of 'what are you doing, calm yourself down'. Its amazing to see what 4 days difference makes. In just a couple of days the eldest one will be taking its first flight to the nearby trees, where it will no doubt, spend all day wondering how to get back to the nest! 

The male sat in a nearby tree for the afternoon, keeping his eye on things before deciding they all needed a small snack so off he went and within 10 minutes he was back with the tiniest fish, just a mouthful each. The female went off and came back with some fresh bedding and a stick. So good to watch and the Osprey ladies in the hide told us all the gen, an excellent afternoon after watching the bee-eaters this morning !

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