Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Another visit to the Bee-eaters, East Leake, Notts

Decided to head for Rutland Water to see the ospreys today. Karen has been watching the Rutland osprey webcam to see the progress of the two chicks and one of them was now flapping and jumping in the nest so flying will happen any day and wanted to see them before they left the nest and hid in the nearby trees. East Leake was just 20 miles away from Rutland so seemed rude not to call and see the bee-eaters again. We got parked easily in the layby again on the death defying road and headed up the bridleway, but the crowds were huge.....dread to think how busy it was at the weekend! The bee-eaters were still in the ash tree that they favoured, but the group seemed to have split, all settled now and full of food. Perhaps when they first arrived they were hungry so sat out hawking insects constantly, today they were more relaxed and sat in the greenery of the tree, full of food! Still, very good to see them and lets hope they stay awhile. How lucky are we to be able to see 6 bee-eaters and ospreys on a Monday !

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