Thursday, June 15, 2017

Iceland Gull, Hornsea Mere

One of those disaster days when you wished you hadn't bothered. Started the day off at Bempton Cliffs, sat with the masses at the bird feeders, watching the rats coming and going,  waiting for the turtle dove to show but after a few hours, we decided it was a non starter and decided to head to Hornsea Mere on the way home, hoping for the iceland gull. Well this certainly didn't disappoint in the 5 minutes we were there ! It was amongst all the geese and ducks patrolling the car park for picnic scraps so we got quite a few good pics of it then. Didn't even get parked before the owner drove round to tell us he was locking up and could we we had our pack-up for our tea when we got home, A rubbish, waste of time sort of day !

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