Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blue Whale watching, Mirissa, Sri Lanka

A definately 'must do' if you ever go to Sri Lanka. We really didn't know what to expect so we were quite nervous but the sea was kind to us today (unlike the following day......dear lord above!) and soon the sight of Blue Whales overtook any bad thoughts of the sea. We spent a couple of hours with these, but never getting too close, our skipper knew exactly what he was doing and could read the water perfectly. Infact they all had eyes like hawks and could spot a whale from miles away, making sure we all had good views. Really liked this boat aswell, it wasn't packed like the other boats making sure everyone could move around for good viewing   We can still hear the sound of the 'blow' and felt so privileged to see. 

We had booked two trips out, just incase we failed. Thank goodness we had good views on day 1 because day 2, the sea was as rough as could be with a massive swell. After half an hour we were soaked to the skin and the swell was getting worse until we all thought it was dangerous to be out. We headed back to shore thankfull that we had all had such good views the previous day. You can never predict the sea. 

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