Monday, August 29, 2016

Views from some local bird hides and benches and other classics

Here we have some of the views from the bird hides at Alkborough Flats. They are good, clear views aren't they ? This hide window is now obscured by a willow tree and it looks out on total reeds, no water whatsoever. So, what are you going to see from this hide......nothing !  

 This is the view from the tower hide at Alkborough Flats. It did once look out onto pools of water infront of the hide. These have long gone with the growth of reeds. The pools to the right are now totally silted up and hold no water at all. As you can see, its reeds as far as the eye can see.
 The view from the hide along the path at Alkborough Flats. The view of the waters edge is now totally obscured by the growth of reeds. The reeds were cut once last year but not severe enough as they grew back within a few weeks. No attempt has been made by the council to cut the reeds this year even though plenty have complained. There is no point in spending money on bird hides if you can see nothing from them, only reeds, and we now have the flowering sea aster to block the views totally. It's looking very much like the site has passed the point of no return. 
Another hide view at Alkborough Flats.  

Blacktoft Sands - reeds cut perfectly infront of the hide enabling perfect views of the water. A site run by the RSPB that is directly across the water from Alkborough Flats. A site that is excellently managed. The total opposite to Alkborough.......enough said.

Now we see some views from Messingham Nature Reserve. These are from the benches left in memory of people's nearest and dearest. Some plaques say 'Enjoy the View'.  Like heck you will. This is a site that seems to have been forgotton, totally overgrown and unkept. It was once managed for wild flowers, which were excellent, these have long gone in the rank vegetation that covers the reserve. 

 More bench views from Messingham Nature Reserve. 
There is no chance of spotting any wildlife on here......unless you bring some step ladders ! 

Another cracking Messingham view 

This is on a footpath that we walk along very often.  The wildlife sign refers to the number one top bird.....the pheasant. The site is now littered with them, running everywhere, they have to run as most of them can'y fly. And they call it a sport when the rich and posh come to kill them......

Here we see the newly planted leylandi hedge at Numburnholme. This is the main viewing area for the red kites on the Warter Estate, now the view down into the valley is totally obscured by this hedge. To make sure that no-one sees into this valley, it was double planted with 6ft trees. They must have something to hide in that valley......oh yes they do,  I forgot to mention the warning they received from Natural England for releasing well above their quota of pheasants that you could see in their pens before the hedge was planted. 

We won't be watching the red kites coming into roost in this valley this winter thats for sure.  

Here we see the open access land on Risby Warren. The gate is further down the track but why should we have to walk a mile extra to end up at the same place......they certainly don't want anyone gaining access here and are probably hoping that no-one will walk the extra mile to the proper gate. They must have something to it the extra sheep pens that they have on the open access land or the tower to shoot from..... or probably the dead sheep that used to be left to rot on the public footpath. 

 Now this sign made us chuckle as it mentions Cranes, but makes our blood boil that all the 'Brexit' voters didn't give the European funding one minutes thought, all they thought about were the racist thoughts that they all had. So who will help fund all these wildlife schemes in the, well done, didn't you vote well.
 This photo speaks for itself doesn't it. 

Another classic from Messingham Nature Reserve. What a double standard the Lincs Trust have. We have seen bird feeders on all their reserves and I believe that Far Ings is within the Barton SSSI so are those feeders also going to be removed?  

Isn't it fun to live in Lincolnshire !

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