Sunday, July 3, 2016

The otter circus comes to Mull......

This was in the harbour at Mallaig

The photographers ran to these rocks, totally unnecessary and with no field craft whatsoever.  

This is the otter that was flushed 3 times by photographers, it eventually gave up and left its fish, terrified by the onslaught running down the beach towards it. We have never witnessed such disgraceful behavior towards wildlife.  This photograph (a crop of the pic above) was taken well away from the circus at the very top of the car park. There was no need to get within 6 yards and terrify this feeding animal. 

Otters are always a must to see on Mull and within 10 minutes of scanning, we had one in the scope. But this was ruined by the 'otter circus' that was in evidence. We have never seen so many big lenses (an no optics we might add), that all wanted a photo of an otter. Their behavior was absolutely deplorable with the welfare of the animal not even given a thought. One evening we walked to the viewing area on Loch Na Keel which was 5 minutes from our cottage. There was an otter sitting out on the weed eating a fish that was frightened away not once, but 3 times by a group of photographers. It eventually left it's fish and swam off. We were ashamed to stand with these people. They even had portable hides that they camped out in at this area. A fiasco of a circus.
We also heard talk among the same group of people about how they all used to go to Worlaby Carrs.......(and just look how they ruined that!). Same people, same fieldcraft......enough said !

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