Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pine Martens, Red Squirrels and a Slow Worm

Our lodge, the best place we have ever stayed, perfect setting, pine martens on the veranda and absolutely palatial was fantastic !

A pine marten runs back up the hill into the woods at the back of our lodge 

We had four pine martens visit us throughout the week, they came at all times of the day and night for food, usually jam, grapes but their favourite was peanut butter. The feeding table was directly outside the window so photography was always through the glass but it was so nice just to sit and watch these feeding with no fear. Very cheeky chappies indeed !

They preferred the jam to bread and ate all the grapes and left the strawberries 

A soaking wet pine marten visits us for breakfast

Red squirrels in the back garden, playing in the boxes 

A first for Karen, a slow worm found by hawk eyes Simon ! 

A fabulous week on Ardnamurchan with pine martens, otters, red squirrels, plenty of birds and the nicest lodge we have ever stayed in.

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