Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sian Kaan Hotel, golf course

The golf course was connected to our hotel complex and had a full footpath network around it, which we stayed on, never straying onto the greens. At the far end there was an 'eco-centre' and a bird-watching tower. At one time, birdwatching walks were organised but afraid these were not running when we were there and the viewing platform had fallen into dis-repair just like the one in our hotel grounds. Closed !  

Anyway, we could usually manage to walk around 7 holes before security evicted us. Early morning there were very few golfers on there yet we were described as a 'danger'. We were always asked to leave. Yet all the golfers stopped and chatted and wanted to know what all the birds were that they were seeing. Once we were stopped by a course steward who told us he had a new manager, he was Spanish and one of his new rules were 'no birdwatchers on the course'. So much for being an 'eco-resort'. 

Behind the golf course and Sian Kaan Hotel, there is a huge new development under construction within the forest  The roads are already in place and there are 100's of plots for sale. A few were built, already lived in, a few were half built and abandoned with bats in and many were under construction. Previous trip reports have toucans in this area. Afraid they are long gone from here and other birds will soon be lost with the disturbance and felling of the forest.  The name of the condos beggars belief. 

The road network behind Sian Kaan Hotel. There are many roads and makes for easy birding. We had trogon and motmot along this road. Afraid this forest is doomed for the chainsaw as building progresses. 

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