Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Highland Wildlife Park, Cairngorm, Scotland

 Arctic Fox

 Markhor - a real billy goat with a mountain jumping kid !

 These really took some finding......can you see anything looking at you?

 European Lynx, a fabulous cat that we have yet to see in the wild. Hence the trip planned to Spain later this year. Lets hope we are lucky to see them.

Red Panda. The colours were so vivid and this handsome chappy was busy munching on carrots.

Pine Martin - afraid we were not lucky enough to see them in the wild this time.

Polar Bears - now these looked so out of place in a Scottish Wildlife Park but they seemed as happy as larry. With a large lake to swim and lay in and a huge field to run and roll in. They looked in excellent condition and not one bit bored. They were enormous with feet like shovels !

 Amur Tiger - after seeing tigers in the wild we don't really agree with these being in a zoo. Although in excellent condition, they seemed bored in a relatively small enclosure. Believe these are a breeding programme with one of the tigers being swapped for one at Doncaster Wildlife Park. It made us quite sad to look at them. They had no sparkle of life left in their eyes.

 Wild Cat - these had bred and the kittens were very amusing........but the smell !!

European Wolf -  the one we specifically went to see. These have 6 newborn cubs but they hadn't yet plucked up courage to come out. These too looked sad to see....... What have we done to our world when we have to visit zoo's to see animals that should be plentifull in the wild. We should be ashamed that we have hunted everything to near extinction. Its certainly not something to be proud of thats for sure.

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