Tuesday, July 10, 2018

RAF Coningsby 100 Year Celebration

A brilliant day at RAF Coningsby. The Typhoons were flying in the RAF 100 year celebrations so we just had to go watch them all take off and return. We got there good and early knowing parking would be a nightmare, but we easily got into the overspill car park. It was good to walk up and look at them all lined up, all 34 of them. But they were not all taking part in the Buckingham Palace flyby, just 22 of them that flew in the '100' formation. The noise was ground moving when they all got started up and taxiing, all lined up and all took of together. Deafening ! We have never seen so many Typhoons together and it was absolutely fantastic. We waited for them to return, which wasn't long, and they all landed on our side of the runway, flying very low over the road. A wonderful day xx 

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