Thursday, March 8, 2018

Green-winged Teal, North Cave Wetlands

We always try to go out each day, sometimes local and other times, a bit further afield. Today we started off at Hornsea Mere with a very distant Long-tailed Duck. Then onto North Cave Wetlands for this Green-winged Teal. This reserve is brilliant, whatever they do, they do it right and always for birding. The hides are full of I.D. charts and helpful info, adverts and leaflets. A total contrast to the hides we have at Alkborough Flats that are totally sterile with no info whatsoever. Two reserves that are totally opposite. One covered in birds, managed for birds, info in the hides, a massive feeding station, circular walks, bird boxes, screening, cut reeds to enable viewing all the water and Alkborough Flats is the total opposite.  

We did have a laugh in the turret hide listening to a hide expert giving directions for the green-winged teal and photographing it. Then asking 'what are these other ducks with the yellow rump?' Made us smile !

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