Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Rose-coloured Starling, Scarborough

With a clear blue sky today we decided to head to Scarborough for the rose coloured starling. Very easy to find location and we soon joined the other 3 birders in the front garden of number 33. After about half an hour it popped out of the bushes and onto the wall in the neighbouring property, making its way up and down the wall. The sun shone and the bird looked absolutely stunning in perfect light. It showed for around 10 minutes, hopping around, busy looking for food and mingling with the sparrows, very happy and content. It soon disappeared into the back bushes and wasn't seen again for about an hour. By that time, the crowds had grown and the front garden was getting quite full, but we were treated to a further 5 minutes viewing when it popped out and then back into the greenery.  The neighbour kept giving the location of the bird from her back windows which was appreciated. A big thank you to the occupier of number 33 for letting us trespass in your garden, that was a very kind gesture. 

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