Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hull, City of Culture 2017

The Three Ships, a mosaic on the front of the former BHS store in the city centre. The mosaic by Alan Boyson,  was installed in 1963 and contains around one million tiny cubes of Italian Glass. Hull Civic Society applied for it to be given listed status in 2016  but this was rejected by Historic England. The Civic Society have appealed against this decision and let's hope they are successful as this is a such a prominent piece of art in the city centre and worthy of saving. 

A wind turbine blade in the city centre, part of the year of culture displays. The local gulls are definately enjoying their new 'big perch'! 

'Dead Bod' on display at the Humber Street Gallery in Hull. 
The much loved graffiti featuring a dead bird was painted on the Humber side of a corrugated iron shed at Alexandra Dock in the 1960's by Captain Len Pongo Rood. It became known as a shipping marker but until it was saved and put on display, it was only ever seen from boats in the River Humber.

The Headscarf Revolutionaries. They were four women from Hull, led by Lillian Bilocca,  who secured major safety improvements to Britain's fishing industry in the wake of the worst disaster, the triple trawler tragedy where three Hull trawlers sank within 2 months of each other, resulting in the loss of 58 lives.  This is on the gable of a college on Anlaby Road. 

Hull City Centre - never quite seen so much orange clothing, orange bollards and roadworks.   

Philip Larkin, poet and the librarian at the University of Hull.

'Avocado' hanging in the Ferens Art Gallery and bought by the Duchess of Cornwall for £300. The painting drew quite alot of attention and a crowd hence the crooked photo  (taken through a small gap in a large group!)

A replica of Amy Johnson's Gipsy Moth, built by the inmates of Hull Prison hangs in the roof of the Paragon Railway Station.  

A lovely day in Hull starting at the University to see the Lines of Thought exhibition on tour from the British Museum. It was free to enter and well worth the visit. There are 70 works in the exhibition, with drawings from Rembrandt, Durer, Degas, Henry Moore, Michelangelo and Matisse among many others. We hope you all visit Hull, the City of Culture 2017 at some time during the year. There is plenty to see, most of it free so get yourselves there ! 

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