Friday, August 14, 2015

Spitfires, Humberside Airport

13 Spitfires fly to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Second World War battle, 
Operation Eagle

What a fantastic afternoon ! Decided to head for Humberside Airport and that was definitely the right decision without doubt. We arrived two hours before take-off time and just managed to park. The place was heaving, there were 1000's there. We snuck into a prime spot overlooking the runway and there right infront of us were 12 Spitfires. What a sight that was. Men were oooing and aaaahing and talking in numbers (which is quite common when they are around planes!). With half an hour to spare, the 13th Spitfire flew in. At 4pm it was all systems go as they were all started up, some were a little reluctant I have to say and at one time we did see flames! So, one by one they taxied out, and headed to the far end of the runway where groups took off, re-formed, flew round and off they went. It was a spitfire spectacular. An afternoon we will always remember. 

They were all going to be out for roughly an hour so we waited for them all to return and they were just as spectacular with another fly round in formation before landing. Then the silver one returned and he had some fun with another one chasing him, swooping and climbing, turning and looping, it was just fantastic to watch. 

The only down side was, of course, the weather. Thick grey cloud but at least the rain held off.

Hope you like our pics !

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Clare Gillatt said...

Hi you two me and my father absolutely love the photos, would you know what mark Spitfire the silver one is?