Thursday, July 23, 2015

Moth-a-thon on t'Moors

The 'Thorne Mothers' 

Brimstone Moth 

Coxcomb Prominent 

Elephant Hawkmoth 

Four-dotted Footman 

Garden Tiger 

Ghost Moth 

Large Emerald 

Pepper Moth 

 Elephant & Poplar Hawkmoths

Poplar Hawkmoths 

Yellow Underwing

We felt very privileged to be invited to the Moors annual moth count. With 5 of us on Thorne Moors, and further mothers on Crowle, lamps were soon lit and the moths arrived in droves. We had 80 species on Thorne. Haven't got the grand total yet but will post it on here when we know. 
A brilliant night in excellent company. Looking forward to the next one already ! 

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