Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dad's Army marches into Bridlington

Well, couldn't believe our luck when we stumbled upon this film being made. We had to take Tom to Bridlington on Saturday morning to pick a van up and thought there was an awful lot of people around the Old Town. So, once Tom was sorted we headed off towards the action. But we seemed to spend most of Saturday behind a barrier as we couldn't be seen when they were filming. Simon managed to escape and get further up the street but couldn't get to the filming as all the roads were cordoned off and wardened. If we had known we would have been their first light and got a good spot. So, we headed back there on Sunday when there was no filming. We were allowed to walk freely through Old Town. What a fabulous job they have done in transforming it back to war time. The street will only remain a film set for another week when filming there ends. Although I wasn't a fan of the series, definitely looking forward to seeing the film !

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