Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sri Lanka

Asian Palm Squirrel 

The butterfly's were absolutely gorgeous, but hardly ever landed 

Lots of crocs 

We were so lucky to see two fishing cats during one of our night time adventures. The photo doesn't do this beautiful creature any justice but the images of them will be forever engraved in our memories. One of the trip highlights without a doubt.  Lucky was an understatement as we also saw jungle cat and rusty spotted cat. We had an excellent trip !!

Trees full of hanging fruit bats

 Black-naped Hares

A couple of Golden Jackels trot down the road 

Sri Lankan Giant Squirrel 

We saw all 4 species of mongoose during our travels in Sri Lanka

 Monitor Lizard

Tufted Grey Langur

Toque Macaque 

 Little Indian Field Mouse

Black Turtles in our hotel grounds. There are a couple less now, supper for the resident otters ! 

Water Buffalo, happily wallowing in the mud 

Water Buffalo enjoying the early morning sun 

This Water Buffalo had been in a right old scrap, just look at those bleeding ears. 
They don't look like they are bothering him one bit.
People pay good money to have mud like that smeared on them for the sake of beauty !

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