Thursday, September 17, 2015

Still Open all Hours, Balby, Doncaster

Sir David Jason 'Granville' 

Tim Healey 'Gastric'

Johnny Vegas 'Wet Eric' 

Well we just couldn't resist a day out in Balby, Doncaster to watch the filming of the new Christmas Special of Still Open all Hours. When we found the street, the shop was covered in blue plastic, hidden from view but the security staff were quickly directing us to a few streets away where a wedding scene was being filmed. Film crew staff were so helpful advising us where to stand for the best views and what and who we would see. Their job did seem very stressful with traffic to stop and people to keep behind barriers but they were fantastic. It didn't take long before we heard 'quiet please' and cameras started to roll. The same shot was filmed again and again and again......... Then everything moved to Arkwright's shop late afternoon but because of cameras, lights etc we didn't get such good views but it was so nice that David came down the street and did a few autographs and Johnny then came amongst the crowd. Lovely, down to earth people. 

A fantastic day that we hope to repeat before they finish filming next week and Arkwright's is turned back into a hairdressers. 

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Clare Gillatt said...

Flipping heck! Did you get any autographs, lovely atmospheric photos!