Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Montagu's Harrier, Blacktoft Sands

We have sat in Singleton Hide all summer watching these harriers, always distant over the far hedge, but always waiting and hoping for a close fly by. Well tonight was definitely our night that's for sure. With just three of us in the hide the female came quite close, flying past the hide and over the hedge near the owl box, feeding on the nearby fields as they had been harvested that day. Then the great white egret flew in and walked straight towards us, staying on the close small island. And then, bingo! The male montagu's set off flying along the hedge on the right and kept coming and coming, couldn't believe it, it was one of those moments to be remembered. He flew over the hedge same as the female only much closer to the bird hide, to hunt in the freshly harvested fields. We will soon be saying cheerio to these stunning birds for this year, do hope they return next year. 

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