Friday, August 29, 2014

Red-backed Shrike


It's that magical time of year again when a trip to Spurn after work is a necessity.  
We were not disappointed !

Little Stints

4 little stints at Alkborough Flats tonight along with 2 peregrines, hobby, pectoral sandpiper, 
6+ water rails, curlew sandpiper and the usual supporting cast. 
A brilliant evening, good birds, excellent company and a good laugh !

Water Rail

2 young water rails decided to make a dash for it infront of the bird hide tonight

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pied Flycatchers at Spurn

One of those 'raining bird' days at Spurn with close on 50 Pied Flycatchers arriving. Within 1/2 hour, we had seen a good 10. A fabulous evening. Now wishing we had bought that camper van and didn't have to come home to go to work tomorrow. It's that time of year again when work certainly gets in the way !  Can't wait for the weekend - looking good !

Pectoral Sandpiper at Alkborough Flats

An evening at Alkborough Flats where we certainly chose the wrong hide !  We headed for the tower hide only to be totally blinded by the sun and every bird was a silhouette. A phone call from Wayne soon had us heading back to the car and a quick drive down to the bottom hide where he had a pectoral sandpiper right infront of the hide. The light was fading fast so photography was not easy. A big thanks to Wayne for the call and glad we chose the wrong hide.......Wayne got his finders patchwork points !

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A baby hedgehog in our garden

Just one out of the box so far and starving hungry. At least the cat food that Pixi refuses to eat isn't being wasted. This little chap is shovelling it down !  A quick spray and these ticks had gone the next day. Lets hope there's more than one. I will keep you posted !