Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tour de Yorkshire, Stage Two

Team Wiggins 

Saturday's Stage Two of the Tour de Yorkshire. We did think about heading to Bawtry but after driving through this morning, decided against it as the crowds were huge and every vantage spot was taken and parking was a nightmare. So stayed at Austerfield and had excellent views. But it was over before we could blink as the riders were all grouped. How they can still pedal after riding for 6 hours and well over 100km, they must be some of the fittest athletes, and some were even chatting to their neighbouring riders, didn't even looked puffed ! It was difficult to find a vantage spot for photography as we had the sun, aswell as the 100's of people, to take into consideration. You don't realise how many posts and signs there are on a road until you need a clear view. So, after moving many times, we got ourselves in place and waited. Plenty of support vehicles and race commentary well before the race, kept us amused for a while (love the giant Yorkshire pud!). Then the police start to arrive and the roads are closed, they have it down to a fine art, 100% organised. But the amount of police, support riders, camera crews, support vehicles, race organisers, security, runs into 100's of vehicles, all have a wave and really appreciate the crowds. A fantastic few minutes and well worth the wait.
Yorkshire Tourism have done us all proud, the organisation behind the race must have been phenomenal and they have done a fantastic job, thank you.  

Tour de Yorkshire, Ladies Race - Stage 2

The ladies race on Saturday as it came through Austerfield. We stumbled upon this quite by accident as we were our having a recce for the men's race later in the afternoon when the road was suddenly closed infront of us and the ladies appeared.  Karen struggles to do 10 minutes on her excercise bike! Two very close helicopters with the TV cameras onboard added to the excitement. Looking forward to this afternoon and seeing the men again, but minus Bradley Wiggins today. And yes, that is blue sky that you can see !

Friday, April 29, 2016

Tour de Yorkshire, Foggathorpe, East Yorkshire - Stage One

and here they come....... 

 A small breakaway group at the front

and then the peloton  

The Tour de Yorkshire started today from Beverley. We decided to head further into the course and hope the crowds were not as huge, we did the right thing as we stopped in a layby just outside Foggathorpe. There were just 8 of us and we had brilliant views. Pity about the weather with heavy rain, sleet, hail, a biting wind and freezing temperatures. The riders came past in just a few moments but it was well worth the stand and we will do it all again tomorrow, only this time a little closer to home. Thank you to the Yorkshire Tourism guys for putting on this fabulous event and hope we see it back again next year.