Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Birds of Spurn by Andy Roadhouse

Absolutely brilliant ! A must for any birders bookcase...can't wait to get stuck into it !

It's fantastic Andy !

Red-backed Shrike today at Spurn

Always good to see and this shrike at Spurn today didn't disappoint. It was in Corner Field, the same field that the ortolan bunting was seen in. An excellent piece of land that is owned by the Obs, so access is granted to Friends of Spurn members. The bench is much appreciated when a wait is needed, as it was today for the shrike, but we had the next generation lads to make us laugh ! 

Wryneck, Spurn

This was our first bird of the day but it didn't start off too well. The wryneck was in the rough grass at the bottom of the caravan park and was deliberately flushed by the idiot with the dog that lives in the end caravan. He could see we were all watching a bird on the ground, so instead of walking behind us all to get to his caravan, he deliberately walked straight infront and past the bird, flushing it into some large trees. He was called a multitude of names ! It did eventually fly and ended up feeding in the rough 20 yards from where it started. A very cryptic coloured bird that some just could not see. It has to be one of our favourite birds and is a must to see on migration.  We also had our first redstart of the day in the caravan park thanks to one of the new generation birders who kept us amused at each bird!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Flycatchers today at Spurn

One of those magical days at Spurn today with pied flycatchers in every tree. When we arrived, there was just a few dotted about, after a few hours they were everywhere, a massive fall of pied flycatchers that is always special to see. 

Spotted Flycatchers 

Willow Warblers

A fabulous day at Spurn today with a wryneck, red-backed shrike, 100's of pied flycatchers, spotted flycatchers and redstarts. It was a brilliant day.

Spotted Crake, North Cave Wetlands

With the weather forecast not particularly good,  we decided to head to North Cave Wetlands for the spotted crake. It showed straight away, but very distant. As usual, it had a water rail for company.  It's a pity the weather wasn't on our side as it rained the whole time we were there. Have great praise for North Cave Wetlands that is managed superbly with perfectly placed hides that are full of information. An excellent bird feeding station, a substantial car park and a good path network that covers the whole site. You have got it spot on ! 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Stoat, Blacktoft Sands RSPB

Gainsborough Old Hall

Gainsborough Old Hall in Lincolnshire dates back to 1460 and is one of the oldest preserved timber framed manor houses in the UK. Now managed by English Heritage, it is a fine example of a building.

Sir John Rennie's Horkstow Bridge

Horkstow Bridge over the River Ancholme in North Lincolnshire. A grade II* listed building that dates back to 1836. Designed by Sir John Rennie, it is one of the earliest suspension bridges in the country.  It is now covered in grafitti and the top stone plinths lay smashed in the floor. A beautiful bridge that is not maintained and simply left to the local youths to wreck,

Bits and bobs

We have 4 local whinchats 

Yellow wagtails at Blacktoft 

Peacock butterfly in the garden

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ortolan Bunting, Spurn

Of all the places to choose for a days birding, we definitely made the right decision and headed off to Spurn this afternoon (after Karen had been to the hairdressers!). Plenty of redstarts and pied flycatchers on the pager and with the wind blowing in and clouds above, it all looked like it was going to be a good afternoon. We soon caught up with the locals, all heading to the new corner field as an ortolan bunting had been seen. BOOM.... a new UK bird for Karen taking her tally to 389. The bird showed brilliantly, one of those fantastic spurn days. Lets hope we get some more !