Tuesday, May 5, 2015




Meadow Pipit 


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Red-throated Pipit, Derbyshire

What a fabulous bird !  Well the weather was shocking here this morning with torrential rain so had just got feet up for the day and was planning watching a few films when we thought we had best have a look at the pager. The days plans soon went out the window, flask made and we were heading to Derbyshire / Manchester for a bird!  A new UK bird for Karen's list.  Recon we saw it just in time as the heavens opened yet again as we left. 

Garganey, Blacktoft Sands

A pair of garganey were infront of the hide but the supporting cast was stupendous !

Alkborough Flats

Sedge Warblers, 3 males constantly chasing , singing and chasing again !

 This kestrel hunted all morning infront of the hide, watching from a distant post

 Meadow Pipit, lovely markings, a very overlooked bird

 Lots of wheatears in the bottom field, constantly being flushed by gate slamming dog walkers, who seem to be oblivious to everything around them

The star bird of the morning was this ring ouzel which never came close and was constantly flushed by crows. An excellent find !
An fabulous morning down Alkborough Flats.