Sunday, May 28, 2017

The last few Georgia birds

Alpine Chough - Quite common around the picnic sites and viewpoints 

Black-eared Wheatear.  

Black-headed Bunting 

Blue Rock Thrush 

Corn Bunting 


Stumbled upon this hawfinch quite by accident. Our guide was a day late in arriving, yes a full day late. But we had a young lad with us who was a trainee guide. A very likable lad with a keen eye but he lacked leadership and direction and seemed shy at communication,   but he took the group into a forest for semi-collared flycatcher (although he didn't make this very clear at the time). The group went off on the flycatcher hunt but failed and we were treated to this hawfinch while we waited. Recon we came off best here as only three of us saw it. Plenty of orchids in the forest but our guide knew nothing of orchids.....and that's how the holiday panned itself out really. But I will tell you more as we go along !

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