Saturday, April 29, 2017

A few more Bulgaria snaps

 The scenery is Bulgaria is just stunning, it definately has the WOW ! factor. 
A lovely country filled with lovely people (and some cracking birds!)

Lots of bee hives around. We did buy two huge jars of this local honey to bring home. 
It is without doubt, bloody lovely ! 

The wallcreeper site in the Rhodope Mountains. Birders have never failed with wallcreeper at this site, with a nest every year about 20ft off the ground....that was until last year when some photographers hired a hoist so they could photograph into the nest. The wallcreepers haven't been seen in this gorge since. How the selfish, stupid few can ruin this lovely hobby for so many.

Our first hotel in the Rhodope Mountains, not too far from the bear sites. 
It was lovely, clean, good food and with views to die for.  There was just us four in it. 

The wallcreeper gorge, pity the wallcreepers had long gone. To re-find any would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Along the gorge were a couple of honey sellers (where we made a purchase), and a cave for tourists. Everyone was constantly looking for the wallcreepers, so hopefully someone will get a glimpse of one fluttering up the cliff face.

Simon, Jonny and our guide Minko 

A pair of chamois very high on the mountainside near our hotel. 

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