Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pangolin, Sri Lanka

Weren't we the lucky ones ! When asked by our guide, Udi, what we wanted to see,  we reeled off a bird list but Mike and John both said Pangolin. Udi said 'not a chance, only ever seen one before in 20 years' so they settled for a few cats and bats. Then out one night, and it must have been 2am because I was fast asleep at the time, I felt the jeep do an emergency stop and Udi leapt out the back of the jeep in one leap. I knew we had found something good but not this good. The team had found a pangolin. This one was filthy, must have come straight out a termite mound. Pangolin are now classed as endangered as they are hunted for the Chinese market for their scales and meat and are the most trafficked mammals in the world. Lots of happy, smiling faces that night.

Photo taken by John Sadler

Photo taken by John Sadler.

This is Udi, our guide, who had only ever found one pangolin before in his 20+ years of guiding. He was absolutely ecstatic to have found a second one with us. A happy chappy !

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