Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goshawks, Wykeham Forest

Some very distant goshawks over Wykeham Forest, near Scarborough.
The weather was perfect for raptors flying so we decided to rise early and head to Wykeham. The sky was blue, although it was breezy, we waited and waited and all we had for the first 2 hours were buzzards.....loads of them pairing up, dancing. They were a pleasure to watch. Then, just got 2 coffees poured and Karen said 'check the two birds on the ridge'....only a couple of goshawks !  They remained distant (as you can see from the grainy pics), but were still fabulous to watch. They flew for around half an hour, on and off before disappearing over the ridge. A single one drifted across also and all the time we were there, one was calling from the woods, but that one never showed itself. An excellent day out !

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