Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Asian Elephants, Yala National Park, Sri Lanka


After a good wash what could be better than a dust bath !

A good scratching tree 

When we got to this waterhole, there was just a couple of elephants bathing and drinking but our guide soon saw others approaching. Then more arrived, and more, and more......a full family just seemed to walk out the bushes into the water. A magical moment for Karen who had always wanted to see baby elephants at a waterhole. Well she got her wish today and we watched them for ages, drinking and scooping water up, wallowing and bathing. Some then found a good back scratching tree and had a right old rub followed by lots of dust being thrown onto their backs. A wonderful morning that was over as quick as it started and they all simply walked back into the forest and totally disappeared. No-one would know what we had just seen and it was just wonderful xx

A very distant 'tusker', our first sighting of elephant on the trip.

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