Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blue Rock Thrush, Stow-on-the-Wolds

At long last we found a day when we could drive over for the Blue Rock Thrush. A Christmas holiday followed by a delayed Christmas and then the New Year, plus bad weather, meant we were only able to make this journey yesterday. Not a good choice of day as we drove along many motorways the rain stayed with us. As we pulled up in this lovely little town, the rain subsided slightly. But when we found the site, we were the only people there which is never a particularly good sign. There was no sign of the bird but being as we had driven so far, we were going to give it a couple of hours. The postman came over to chat and pointed out the roofs and chimneys that the thrush favoured but said that he hadn't seen it on any roofs that day. We were getting a bit despondent until it finally popped up in the tree in the garden of number 7. It had obviously been feeding in that garden all the time we had been there. We watched it for a good half hour, just us two, excellent ! The first new UK bird of 2017 and it takes Karen's UK tally to 397. 

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