Saturday, July 2, 2016

Golden Eagles on Mull

The chick could occasionally be seen moving around the nest, but it didn't venture out. It became very vocal when a parent bird was approaching, even though it didn't get any food just a sod of grass!

The nest was in this crevice in the rock face which could be seen from the road.

Time for an afternoon snooze !

It was fabulous to see a pair of golden eagles with a chick during our recent stay on Mull. We stood for roughly 4 hours one day, occasionally seeing the chick moving around the nest which was well up on a distant rock face that could be seen from the road, before a parent bird flew in. But those few minutes view of such a cracking bird were well worth the wait. Without decent optics you didn't stand an earthly of any good views. We visited this site a few times and each time we were really lost for words. It was a well known eagle nest so word had soon spread among the 'big camera men' and they outnumbered the birdwatchers. Karen was stunned at the latest gadget that they all had, and that was a remote control for their camera shutters. So, after setting their big lenses on the nest site, they just sat in their cars and then simply pressed the remote controls, they didn't even look at the birds.....what is that all about? It's not birdwatching that's for sure and it's not photography if you ask me as they don't even look at the subject they are photographing. Infact none of the big camera people even had binoculars ! We would sooner admire that majestic, iconic bird than get a photo anyday. These pics were taken over 3 days when we had one adult fly in and one snoozing on a nearby ledge. The rest of the time we just watched in awe at the flight and beauty of these birds.  

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