Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bempton Cliffs

Barn Owl 




A lovely afternoon at Bempton with not too many people there. Plenty of birds nesting on the cliffs, a very busy, noisy time that is fantastic to watch. Will definitely visit again in a few weeks time and next time we hope for blue sky and sunshine !

With the weather forecast for sun we set off this morning for a good goshawk watch in North Yorkshire. Well, to say they got the weather forecast wrong was an understatement ! We had thick, dense cloud cover the whole day. We stood at our goshawk spot for 3 hours only having 2 fleeting glimpses and heard one calling every now and then. The sky was empty. Then a pair of buzzards flew along the trees and out shot this goshawk giving chase to the buzzards, it all happened so quickly and was over as quick as it began, blink and you missed it. So, with the pack up nearly eaten and hypothermia setting in, we decided to beat a retreat and head to Bempton for the rest of the afternoon. where the birds were far more obliging ! 

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