Thursday, February 25, 2016

Flying Scotsman at Retford

One of those days when everything was wrong. To start with, the staff at Retford station did not know what platforn the Flying Scotsman would be passing through on. We were told yesterday by the staff that it would be stopping on Platform 1 to take on water. They said today that wouldn't be happening. So, with one platform employee saying Platform 1 and another one saying Platform 2 we almost tossed a coin and headed over to Platform 2. There was a police presence on both platforms so we couldn't use that as a clue. Anyway, whatever platform it was due to pass on, the sun was directly in your eyes making photography virtually impossible. But, we did chose the right platform and over half an hour late, we saw approaching steam !  The train stopped right infront of us but the masses of people was unbelievable and it was 'elbows at dawn' for most to get a look and a picture ! Half the train spotters were still on the other platform so they were not impressed to say the least. We have never seen so many people crushed onto  a tiny platform but everyone wanted to get a glimpse of the Flying Scotsman. The British Transport police were so power crazed, shouting at people just looking at a non-moving train, there was absolutely no need and we are sure that the guys at the end of the platform were gritting their teeth ! So, not only did the platform staff get it totally wrong, the sun wasn't on anyone's side either and the train not only stopped but took on water just up the track. We were lucky that being as Karen was Retford born and bred, we knew exactly where to get for another view once it got set off again. But the traffic and the people.......far too many for our liking. Will have to see it again, hopefully at the North Yorkshire Railway, but we do have out First Class tickets for a day out on her in June - a perfect Christmas pressie .....  thank you Tom!

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