Sunday, June 21, 2015

Beaver, River Ericht, Blairgowrie

Just look at what we saw! Definitely a first for us. The evening started off slowly and after a while we thought it wasn't going to happen. So a move further up river was needed and after a few minutes Simon saw movement further up river. What he saw was a massive willow branch being dragged down river by a beaver, soon to come into sight from behind the greenery we were laid behind. Oh wow, it was brilliant. The beaver was being followed by a family of gooseanders which it gave chase to, dropping its willow snack. We eventually relocated it amongst the roots in the opposite bank. Well chuffed with our views, more than happy and knowing we had a further bendy, hilly road to navigate and 80 miles to drive in failing light, we called it a night. A big thank you to Bob and Rhona for the help and to Mike for the contact. Thank you !

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Clare Gillatt said...

Wow what an experience, lovely shots!