Saturday, May 23, 2015

Peregrines on Lincoln Cathedral

What an excellent start to the weekend. Fantastic architecture, history coming out your ears and a pair of peregrine falcons. The female sat fast asleep just underneath the top parapet until the male flew over, just gliding past. She sat bolt upright, eyes peeled on him but as soon as she saw he hadn't brought her any tea she just tucked her head in and went back to sleep. No sign of the chicks anywhere, and we searched every nook and cranny. They would have been tucked into the back of the ledge, snoozing until tea arrived. 

As we passed the showground we saw a massive Harley Davison Motorcycle rally was on. Well, never seen so many motorbikes in our entire life, from all over Europe. Looked brilliant. Plenty of bikes and bikers in Lincoln, most standing in awe of our magnificent cathedral. 

Such a pity the locals don't appreciate the peregrines at all. Most came out their houses to moan about the noise they make and that they got pigeon feathers in their gardens! Theres nowt na queer as folk !

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