Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mediterranean cruise

This October we decided on a cruise to see our daughter, Lucy. Sailed from Southampton through the Bay of Biscay on the Olsen ship, Boudicca, where we suffered a force 8 with 25ft swell, not pleasant. We wanted to look for whales and dolphins in the Bay, but it was far too rough. First port was Lisbon, calm sea and hot sun. A lovely port, would like to go to Portugal again. Next stop was in Cadiz followed by Malaga where we saw 100's of dolphins as we sailed out. A magnificant sight. Went through the Straights of Gibralter at night which was a disapointment, into Casablanca. That was an experience, total filth, squallar and poverty but they don't half make some excellent designer copies. Haldbags, clothes, even Mont Blanc pens, everything was a knock off. Managed to buy 3 handbags and a Versace purse for £3 !!
Docked at Vigo on the return journey. A nice boozy break. Biscay was flat calm on the return journey thank goodness.
A few of the birds that hitched a lift on the ship included yellow wagtail, meadow pipit, turtle dove, goldcrest, willow warbler and redstart.

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